Unveiling Three Harsh Realities of Life Coaching and Charting Five Resolute Steps to Cultivate a Coaching Practice Rooted in Dignity

It’s 2018, I’m crossing an American border, entering the country with my new Green Card for the very first time. After residing in the US for three years, the moment has finally come when I can afford to revisit my hometown in Kazakhstan without the constant concern of uncertain travel parole. This time, a sense…

What I Struggle With Most as a Life Coach

The hardest part of coaching for me has always been this: “believe in your clients’ success”. Success in this mantra would usually take the form of wealth, popularity, impressive career, luxury lifestyle… The type of superficial, egocentric, consumeristic “successful success”. I always struggled with the idea of “empowering clients” for something like this, and not…

Five traps coaches fall into while establishing a business (and how to avoid them)

Sure, the count of all the stuff that can sabotage your business goes well beyond five points.

But most of those things are obvious, and you already know you need to do something about it.

I want to throw light on the less obvious traps: I want to discuss the things that are conventionally considered “a good thing” for coaches, which makes them especially destructive.