Oh hi!
What brought you here? All the good stuff is in the blog 🙂

Well, since you’re here, maybe you care to find out how I help my clients as a Consultant as well.

I help my clients create and implement strategies for their businesses, with Brand Loyalty as an ultimate objective. This borderline incredible task requires complex multidisciplinary approach (and a Gandalf).

My “chest of wonders” that enables me to deliver effective practical solutions, includes:

  • psychology
  • linguistics
  • psycholinguistics
  • performing art
  • marketing
  • small business management
  • life-coaching
  • crisis management

I’m formally trained in some of them, self-trained in others, and life-trained in the ones I‘m especially good at.

What is Brand Loyalty?

Loyalty can’t be comprehensively defined, but you know it when you see it.

It’s hard to overestimate the problems that may arise when audience, customers, investors, partners and team lose loyalty to your brand.

Some believe that loyalty – especially on behalf of employees, team and investors – is a matter of luck, and that you have no control over it.

Incorrect: while people can always choose to not be loyal to your brand, cultivating loyalty is a proactive task, it’s a science and art, and a responsibility of yours, as a business owner.

As a Brand Loyalty Consultant I don’t promise to create loyalty for you and your brand. Remember, it’s the ultimate goal that results from numerous interconnected efforts.

I offer help in dealing with specific aspects of achieving Brand Loyalty; and develop specific custom-made solutions for the following areas:

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Brand message and positioning
  • Team efficiency
  • Employee experience
  • Company culture
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Negotiations

How I work:

I always start with a strategic sessions, where we study your situation and develop a strategy for solving it
Once you have the strategy you can choose to implement it on your own, or to work with me on implementing it (dumping it altogether is also an option, not a smart one though)
If you choose to implement the strategy with my help, I will develop a customized program, tools and approaches for your particular case. I never use standardized programs and approaches, because each case is unique and individual approach is the key for a successful Brand Loyalty solution.

The strategic session will cost you $250, the price of implementing the program varies from case to case.
I adapt the program’s intensity and cost to your available budget and actual needs.

No, you can’t have a free chat with me to decide whether you want to hire me. A small commitment of $250 and an in-depth strategic conversation are a must. You can send me an e-mail to if you have questions.

No, you can’t see the cases of my previous clients. My clients are not shopfront exhibits: each case is confidential, treated with a lot of care and respect, and has nothing to do with your particular situation to be honest.

How can you trust me? You shouldn’t: the key to inspiring loyalty is to trust Your Self. Start now.
If your gut feeling tells you to give it a try, sign up below.
If the same voice tells you to walk away and never return to this website again, don’t listen – our blog is still pretty awesome 😉

Remember, everything – including guidances and guides – comes in the right time.

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