Applied Meditation Method by Olga Reinholdt

What I do

I offer consultations. A conversation of wisdom. Online and in person.

I offer training and guided practice in Applied Meditation Method. A way to become a source of wisdom. Online and in person.

Learn more about Applied Meditation Method that I teach following this link.

Will I be able to help you in your particular situation? I have no idea. Therefore it’s better if you send me a message following the form below. Describe your situations and we will discuss what I can do for you.


Consultation: 1.5 hr of addressing your situation and crafting a solution and customizing meditation plan $250

Applied Meditation Training and Practice: the average price per 1 hr session is $125, but the per-session price depends on the number of sessions that you really need. Long-term regular plans provide high discount on the per-session rate.

I offer 50% discount to:

  • college students and new graduates
  • single moms
  • current immigrants
  • people in career transition
  • those who just start their business

Contacting me doesn’t imply your commitment to buying my services. It’s just an inquiry, and it’s always better to make one, because… you never know.

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