I help businesses and entrepreneurs find and develop their unique competitive advantage, and improve performance by focusing on value for clients, instead of racing against the competition.

✅I help create lean and efficient customer relationship strategies, including social media marketing and Internet marketing.

✅I help develop products that fit right into your client’s needs.

✅I troubleshoot your current client engagement and help you provide exceptional Customer Experience.

✅I coach business-owners in “teal style” (ask me what it means).

✅I teach yoga+meditation as an applied tool for success in business and improved quality of life.

Areas that I work with:

⚙️Customer experience
⚙️Product development and unique offer
⚙️Public outreach strategies (including social media & Internet marketing strategies)
⚙️Authentic communication
⚙️Conflict management
⚙️Copywriting and content management
⚙️Branding and reputation

How I work:

Step 1: We meet and discuss your needs. This can be done via messages, e-mail, call or meeting. Start by sending me your contact request via the form below.

Step 2: We run a 1.5-hour one-on-one session, where we develop strategic solutions to your particular needs. This can be done via a video-call or in person. The standard fee for the session is 250$.

Step 3: Based on the resulting strategy we develop an action plan and execute it. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can execute the plan on your own, hire me for coaching you through the process, or trust me and my team with the turn-key execution of some of the elements (we won’t run your business for you though)

I go further than that.

I don’t only work with your business – I work with the source of everything in your life.
I work with the mind.

I develop and teach Applied Yoga+Meditation method: an easy to learn and efficient technique that gives you super-powers beyond mere material success.

Learn more about Applied Meditation Method that I teach following this link.

If you want to join Applied Yoga+Meditation class or have an individual program taught to you in person or online, please send me a note using the form below.

The same contact form can be used for speaking requests and to organize a workshop at your venue.

Contacting me doesn’t imply your commitment to buying my services. It’s just an inquiry, and it’s always better to make one, because… you never know.

Use this form to contact me