I could tell you about my qualifications in life coaching and my experience in marketing and branding, but I won’t.


I could even tell you about my migration from Kazakhstan to America, about how depressed and lost I was, about my life with a son, a husband, and a cat (and even make you feel as if that’s even relevant) but I won’t.


Instead, I will tell you a story when I was 5 years old and my mom decided to enroll me to a music school. All our friends and family were into music and arts, and they all considered me completely void of any musical talent. “It’s a waste of time and money” was their verdict.


My mom still insisted that I take music classes, but I remembered that I didn’t do it to express myself through music. I did it to prove them wrong. Few years later, I quit music school.


Though I did develop unique singing voice, was recognized as a singer, and became really passionate about music, I never allowed myself to BE the kind of person I thought I was forbidden to be.


I didn’t allow myself to be my true SELF, because I remembered that I wasn’t worth it. I got so used to this disconnection with my true self that I even stopped noticing how much it hurt. What a lonely and a boring place it was. I cried a lot when I finally realized it.

Are you present to the PAIN of not being yourself, of trying to fit into masks and standards, of constantly proving something to everyone? Perhaps it has become so familiar you stopped noticing it. Too many of us suffer this pain throughout our whole lives, never really connecting to the real self.


Reconnecting with yourself is a worthwhile journey.


The result of my journey was the kind of personal brand that was impossible to create using just marketing and design. This kind of personal brand is real and fascinating. It easily finds the right media for self-expression and brings utter happiness to me and people around me.


I don’t coach personal brands because it is “another cool niche to take.” I do it because I know the pain of working and living behind a mask. Life coaching set me free.


Life coaching becomes a game changer in authentic branding and a way to create prosperous, meaningful, and joyful business.


All you really need to know about me is that I GET IT. I know how much it hurts to NOT be yourself, and I can SEE your true intrinsic value even when the whole world seems to challenge it.


Your Coach,

Olga Reinholdt