What to expect from the Brand Loyalty blog

Brand Loyalty… sounds like a new magic bullet to achieve the alleged success, doesn’t it?

I’m very skeptical about magic bullets. But I have so much faith in the approach when a brand chooses to inspire loyalty as the main priority, that I’m going to devote this whole blog to the subject.

One of my consulting clients once asked me: “How long have you been practicing coaching and brand consulting?” (inferring I was a natural at it, how can I conceal such a compliment from you?)

I didn’t know what to answer.
I’ve always been highly inquisitive about the nature of human relationship and communication, especially in non-verbal ways, about how people organize in groups, what dynamics these groups adopt and why. I’ve always wondered why people wanted to be around one person and didn’t really care about another.

I remember how at the age of six I was seriously engaged with the question: “Can all people be happy?” I don’t know where this question came from, but I remember the feeling of urgency around solving it.
I spend my school-years reading books on psychology and having psychology-related conversations with anyone who was willing to, and I have no explanation for such a “hobby” but “I was born that way”.

Since the early days of my work-life, I was immersed in a top management environment. I worked as a technical translator for big petroleum companies and “participated” (in an articulate bilingual fly on the wall way…) in numerous high-level conversations. It is then that I started watching my bosses and the people they interacted with, and figuring out how was that one leader would inspire an efficient team, and another one would have the same people letting him down all the time?

I started my life-coaching practice in 2014. Since then, researching and watching human behavior, and developing solutions for a variety of situation with the dominance of human factors became my primary activity. I’m entranced with the nature of human psychology. We – people – are amazing worlds!

Even in my life-coaching practice my mind and heart didn’t belong to coaching techniques, “open questions”, compliance with certain coaching schools and styles, and the like.
I was enchanted by questions such as “why clients choose this or that coach and feel repulsed at selling attempts of another one?”, “why some clients return and recommend a coach, and others don’t?”, “why – all things considered – some professionals can justifiably charge premium amounts, while others struggle to make ends meet?”

This devotion, analysis, research and passion to finding and sharing solutions slowly turned into public articles, articles turned into consulting practice, consulting practice is now turning into this blog, through which I’m hoping to contribute to loyalty building around your brand.

I consider my introduction complete at his point. 🙂

What? No cases of successful clients?
I don’t have companies in my portfolio that would impress you.

In fact, I don't even have a portfolio and I don't expose my clients' cases. 

Part of the reason is that building brand loyalty is a very deep and personal process, and I consider it unethical and disrespectful to expose it for my benefit. My policy is to keep every case confidential.

Another part of the reason why is that in reality, success stories of other people have nothing to do with your story. I don’t want to create false expectations, and I don’t want an “I want the same” motivation when people choose whether they trust me or not.

Don’t trust me – trust yourself.

I work with smaller businesses, that can’t compete with big budgets, creative teams, and inertia of already established names. They take Brand Loyalty path because it’s feasible for them. Brand Loyalty is a complicated multidisciplinary art. It gives you incomparable leverage, but it’s not easy to master.

The complex and artful nature of Brand Loyalty subject is what inspires me for writing all this right now. The blog will help me communicate the essential nuances of this art and will help you use them effectively in your business.

How to read this blog?

What a weird question.
How many ways are there to read a blog anyways? Reading (scanning through?) a blog is a pretty mundane activity.
Actually, this is exactly the reason why I haven’t started a blog on Brand Loyalty until now. You see, I’m not in favor of mundane activities.

This blog is different.

It is not going to teach you, it is not going to provide cutting edge information or news to you, it is not going to give you step by step instructions, 10 best way of doing this and that, or promise you a simple way to ultimate success.
There’s plenty of resources out there that do all of the above and do it way better than I ever could (and would care to) do.

You simply can’t learn Brand Loyalty from the outside sources. It’s not an exact science, although it is based on psychology, neurophysiology, psycholinguistics, marketing research, economy…

Brand Loyalty is an art because it is attained in ever-changing, unpredictable, and complex environments. You can’t rely on somebody’s experience, on exact data and on algorithms here. You create yours.

You can’t learn how to be a brand and how to inspire loyalty to your brand. You can learn the rules of the game, and it usually helps. But it is the “player” that matters most in this game. It is you.

Brands fail to inspire loyalty (think of 10 such brands right now… there you go) because decision-makers behind them believe that knowing the rules of the game is all that matters. And rely on information from the outside, without getting familiar with the subtle nature of the brand and the people around it.

You can use outside knowledge to improve conversion, to set up advertisement, to gain followers, to ensure legal compliance and to establish pricing schedule. Use quality resources to learn these, by all means. But to inspire loyalty you must trust yourself, embrace the uniqueness of your path, develop acute empathy and intuition.

Therefore this blog is not instructive – it is an inquisitive journey into the depth of your brand and its interaction with the fantastic human world.
I don’t expect you to rely on any of the statements here. You are the one who knows your business inside out, and you have exclusive access to the depths of your mind.

This blog will offer you outlooks, perspectives, insights, and suggestions to consider. It will invite you to trust yourself and your own experiences, to find the right solutions for your unique brand through introspection.
Use every statement here as an invitation to search within, and to discuss this search with me and other readers in the comment section below.

Most people rely on authority for answers because it’s easier to live and act that way. All you need is enough conscientiousness (or fear…) to do as you were told. As an entrepreneur, you probably noticed that in this turbulent world such a strategy is not the most successful one, however comforting it may seem to be.

Most people are too afraid to trust themselves and to inquire within. They call it “unscientific”, “stupid”, “biased”… all the excuses for the fear of self-reliance, the fear to be in the moment and to feel the life around them without numbing any real experience.

Only courageous people can trust themselves. Only the brands created by courageous people can inspire loyalty.

If it’s you, I hope this blog will become a helpful guide for your own exploration.

Olga Reinholdt

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