I speak up for the Human in you.

The Mask and the Human

The Mask wants status, acceptance, money, attention, stuff, more stuff, more stuff. It judges, compares, achieves, then judges and compares again. It wears you down for another fix of “success”, the fleeting “high” of achievement, just leave you empty inside over and over. The Mask wants to have, and it’s never enough.

The Human in you doesn’t want or need anything. The Human in you is here to give, to create, to transform the World. The Human in you is naturally talented for the unique and precious role in this lifetime. The Human doesn’t care about stuff. The Human is free. The Human is complete and whole. It is the Human in you that can create that deep sacred state of peace and happiness, that you’re looking for.

The Bad News and the Good News

The sad truth of our reality is that the Mask is strongly encouraged by society in almost any setting. Almost every person is a heartbreaking story of how we learn to suppress and dishonor the Human from such an early age, we barely realize it’s there.

The good news is that time has changed. People realize that no matter how hard they try, the Mask is never happy. People realize that the Masks of others are not their best companions, and stop trying to impress them or win their attention.

In the times when Creatives and Originals become the moving force of the economy, and status quo repeatedly fails to satisfy its own ambitions, the Human in you matters way more, than the Mask, no matter how shiny.

The new era is the era of Humans, not Masks. It’s the era of those, who give and create. We all have the Human in us, but only those who let that Human guide their journey will arrive at the happy place in life.


What can I do for a Human in you

  • Inspire through a blog
  • Educate through videos

  • Uncover your natural Talents
  • Integrate the Talents into career, business, and relationships
  • Release your Human form the habits of the Mask

  • Clear fears and insecurities
  • Help you find the THING
  • Yeah, start by checking out The THING

Speaking Up


A Mask is always afraid of losing. That is why a Mask always loses.

If you live as a Human, if you realize the true You, if you give and create from that authentic place, you’re already a winner.

Everything else comes as a natural consequence of being Human.

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